The Friday Five

Five Things Friday


1. You may remember me talking about my latest nut butter obsession, You Fresh Naturals, in a previous post. I was pleasantly surprised when I found a package from Jay (owner/creater) in my mailbox. He was kind enough to send me their newest flavor, Carrot Cake, to try. All others aside, this is HANDS DOWN the best flavor yet. I didn’t think it could get any better after the release of the Red Velvet, welp it did! The carrot cake flavor is an almond coconut butter with hints of walnuts, nutmeg, ginger…it’s just flat out amazing, I feel like I’m eating a piece of carrot cake. As I mentioned before, you can order via the App on your phone or their website. They have a regular or protein option which I think is brilliant 🙂 Yes, the jar is already half way gone 😉 I can’t wait to make some overnight oats!

carrot cake

2. My bargain find of the week was on a pair of Mizuno Hitogami Running shoes. I was looking for a new pair since my current Mizunos have about 3 good years on them. Since I plan on running a lot this Spring and Summer I figured now would be a good time to invest. You guys….I found these shoes for THIRTY THREE DOLLARS! That includes tax and shipping. The Running Warehouse has always been my go-to for buying running shoes. They have an easy to follow guidline helping you pick the perfect pair for your running style. The shipping is FREE and they are always running a deal or have a discount code. I was able to snag these babies because they are last years model and they only had size 9 left, I couldn’t press purchase quick enough. Go check out their website and read reviews! **Always order 1/2 size up on Mizuno**

FullSizeRender (4)Shoe

3. My other purchase this week was from my absolute ALL TIME FAVORITE boutique, Dottie Couture. I am leaving for Miami at the end of April and with Spring around the corner I’m hoping if I buy clothes for warm weather it will magically be sunny and warm before I know it…wishful thinking I know. Here is the dress I bought and love! Confession: Sometimes I dream about quitting my job and becoming a Dottie model 


Dottie Couture is a local boutique that carries trendy clothing and accessories for women at an affordable price. Their clothes are to die for and they have new releases several times a week. Here is your warning in advance, you WILL become addicted and if you want something get it right then because they sell out quick 😉 You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and also visit their website. They offer FREE SHIPPING for those who don’t live close along with 3 store locations surrounding the Indianapolis area. HAVE FUN! 


4. I bought 40 pounds of chicken this week… yes, you read that correct. My good friend, Andrea, text me and informed me of this amazing deal Zaycon was offering. Her family has purchased chicken from this company for years and she said it’s “hands down the best chicken” she has ever had. As soon as she told me the price I was sold, $1.99 a POUND for 100 % natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients and comes directly from the processor. They have “Events” once a year on chicken, beef, seafood and much more. If your family eats a lot of chicken I would say go for it. Andrea will pressure cook about half and can it for quick and easy enchiladas, etc. Isn’t it wonderful to have such great friends?? Check out their website and see if there will be an “Event” near you.



5. All my sensitive teeth people I’m speaking to you here. My husbands friend and classmate attended the ASDA Conference (American Student Dental Association) in Boston this past week. Mark must have mentioned to him that I was dying to try the new Crest Sensi-Stop Strips because I came home to a trial pack Kendall had picked up at the conference! I can’t wait to try them and see if they really work, THANKS KENDALL! I have the most sensitive teeth when it comes to food temperature. They go on like a white strip and you place them on the area of sensitivity for 10 minutes and it is supposed to last ONE MONTH, seems easy enough. I will report back on my expereince and thoughts. You can check them out here –> (5)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, stay warm!